What's our Best Product for Dry, Cracked Winter Hands?

Dry, cracked, peeling, over-washed, over-worked hands, meet: The Fisherman's Balm

I created the original formula for this balm way back in the early days of Waterbody when I was first developing products. As a commercial fisherman, my husband would come home from trips at sea during shrimp season with what I'd lovingly refer to as, "cheese grater hands". Not a pretty picture, I know. 

After handling sharp spikey shrimp spines all day, being shoved into wet, cold gloves, and packing boxes in and out of subzero freezers on board his hands needed some serious TLC.

So, I made a salve for him using the most restorative, healing, and skin-loving herbs I could get my hands on. I infused them into a lightweight and moisturizing blend of oils, and added some beeswax for an extra layer of protection from the elements.

The formula has evolved a bit over time, but it remains a customer favorite. Especially in the harsh winter months, when our hands take a hit from extreme temperature changes and constant washing. 

Get your tin of our crowd favorite restorative Fisherman's Balm for hardworking hands here!

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