Waterbody's 2022 Alaskan Holiday Gift Guide


For the Homebody

Feel-good gifts for the lovers of all things cozy, self care superstars, and loved ones who deserve a luxurious night to themselves:

Sitka Spruce Wooden Wick Candle by Lover Bear Candle Co.


Blueberry Thrill Loose Leaf Tea from Felicity Loft


Waterbody Flower Collection Gift Set


Blueberry Tumbler from Frost + Fur


For the Outdoor Adventurer

Merino Wool Nordic Anywhere Hat from Alpine Fit Co.

Sure-Dry Hip Pack from Sagebrush Dry

Waterbody Evergreen Body Oil

Seasonal Packaroons from Heather's Choice


For the Foodie

Alaskans take good eating seriously, and these food companies make giving a taste of Alaska to your loved ones easy, no matter where they are.

Wildflower Honey from Stoked Beekeeping

Wildfish Sampler Pack from Wildfish Cannery

Barnacle Foods Bloody Mary Gift Box

Waterbody Fisherman’s Balm - to care for the hardworking hands that prep, cook, and clean up after seriously delicious meals.


The Person That's Impossible To Shop For...

When you just can't find the perfect gift, these are our go-to for any giving occasion:

Beartrack Blend Vienna Roast Coffee from Sentinel Coffee

Fishe Wear Mt. Cutty Tote

Waterbody Mermud Soap

Chugach Chocolates 6-bar Chocolate Bundle


Looking for more gift inspo? Explore the full Waterbody holiday collection for perfectly giftable curated-for-you self care sets. 

Happy Holidays!

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