Why You Should Always Mix Your Face Mask On Demand

We recently had a 5-star review left for our Wildflower Face Mask from a customer who LOVED the way it made her skin feel. However, she had mixed the entire jar of mask at once, and within a few days it developed mold and she had to throw the whole jar away. I don't want that experience for her, you, or anyone; so here's a quick natural skincare 101 from a natural skincare formulator:


hands hold a small wooden dish with a blue powdered face mask being mixed with water

Why you should always mix your mask on demand - to get the best treatment for your skin and the most use out of your jar of mask!

Our powdered herb + clay face masks come to you dry for a reason: their waterless formulation allows us to safely offer you a completely natural product, without the need to use synthetic preservatives.

When you mix your mask with water at the time you intend to use it - portioning off a small amount and mixing in a separate dish or your hand - you're activating the natural clays and botanicals to get access to the most nutrients and gentle exfoliation.

When you mix your entire jar of mask with water and let it sit on a shelf for days or weeks before using it, you're creating an environment that is welcoming to the bacteria and fungi that's always hanging out in the air around us. Given water, time, and warmer temperatures, bacteria and mold will happily move in to consume the botanical buffet mixed up in your jar. 

I like to think of our face mask as a fresh food for your skin. When mixed, prepared, and applied freshly it feeds and nourishes beautifully. But, if mixed with water and left out on a shelf or counter at room temperature for a few days it will mold and degrade. 

For the freshest ingredients to feed your skin, and the most uses out of your jar, keep moisture out by firmly securing the lid and storing your jar in a cool, dry area between uses. Portion out 1-2 tsp of dry mask into a small dish or the palm of your hand and mix with water when you are ready to mask.

Want a deeper dive and a live demo of mixing our face masks? Watch this video for more!

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