Sustainable Skincare Ingredients: Why Choosing Eco-Friendly Options Benefits You and the Environment

A woman in a cream colored dress sprinkles chunky salts through her hands. She is in an outdoor setting beside the ocean.

As we learn more about the environmental impacts of overconsumption, single-use and plastic packaging, and harmful synthetic chemicals, we’re all looking deeper into the ingredients list, packaging, and manufacturing practices of the brands and products we use on a daily basis. 

As a skincare and body care brand that celebrates and connects you to the pristine wild landscape here in Alaska, sustainability is a steadfast core value for Waterbody. Sustainably sourced ingredients are the foundation of every skincare product we create. And in a world of greenwashing marketing buzzwords, we take the phrase “sustainable sourced” seriously. 

For Waterbody, sustainable sourcing means researching, vetting, and choosing high quality, beneficial skincare ingredients that are produced in a way that minimizes impacts on the environment, does not harm local communities, and can be safely recycled or returned to the ecosystem at the end of their lifespan within our product. 

Here are some of the far-reaching benefits that the sustainable skincare ingredients we use can have for our bodies, our communities, and our planet:

Protecting Biodiversity

Sustainable sourcing practices help to protect biodiversity by promoting the preservation of natural habitats and diverse ecosystems. While Alaska has many beneficial, healing and restorative wild plants, some species are sensitive to over-harvest and can take many years to re-establish healthy plant populations. For this reason, we only choose to work with wild plants (like kelp!) that regenerate quickly and are able to withstand seasonal harvest. When we do gather wild plants, we monitor each harvest and location closely to ensure wild plant communities continue to grow and thrive, never taking more than we need, and maintaining an attitude of respect and stewardship for these lands and waters that sustain us.

A row of orange calendula flowers in bloom

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Sustainable sourcing practices also help to reduce the carbon footprint of skincare products. 

We source ingredients as locally as possible to reduce the amount of transportation required in obtaining them, which in turn reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated. We’ve started partnerships with small local farms to source some of our herbs, and proudly source the kelp in our formulas from the coastlines of our home in Southeast Alaska.

As well, our locally sourced kelp actually helps to reverse the impacts of climate change - by absorbing excess carbon from our oceans as it grows!

A wild alaskan kelp bed off the rocky shores of the pacific ocean. Image shows many fronds of kelp floating on the surface of the water

Improving Ocean Health

Our favorite sustainable ingredient improves the health of both your skin - and the ocean! The local Alaskan kelp found in many of our products comes from both wild kelp beds and regenerative ocean farms. 

Kelp grows at an unbelievable rate of up to 2 feet per day, feeding off of sunlight and nutrients found in seawater - including nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which our oceans absorb from the atmosphere. In fact, kelp absorbs 5 times more carbon than most land-based plants. This makes kelp a powerful ally in the fight against climate change; with the ability to remove excess carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by way of our oceans, and helping to reduce ocean acidification in the process. 

The Alaskan kelp found in our Mermud Soap, Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak, and Deep Blue Sea Face Mask turns sunlight and pristine Pacific seawater into bio-available nutrients that smooth and nourish your skin.

Supporting Local Communities

Many sustainable sourcing practices also support local communities by promoting fair trade and other ethical business practices. When we purchase ingredients from local farmers, kelp growers, and kelp harvesters, we bolster our region’s small rural communities and economies. 

Home to one of the largest old-growth rainforests in the world, Southeast Alaska has seen its share of environmentally damaging resource extraction and boom-and-bust economic cycles from the logging and mining industries. 

We’re proud to support and invest in local producers that practice ethical and regenerative methods, and to be part of building a more sustainable local economy for our communities.

A woman mixes a small bowl of blue clay and kelp face mask

Creating High-Quality Products

Finally, sourcing sustainable skincare ingredients helps to create high-quality products. 

This is because sustainable ingredients are often of higher quality than conventionally sourced ingredients, due to regenerative agriculture techniques used in growing the product, and the rich profile of nutrients found in Alaska’s resilient wild plants. This means that our skincare products made with sustainable ingredients are more effective and longer-lasting, and of the best quality for your skin.


In conclusion, there are so many benefits to sourcing sustainable skincare ingredients. From protecting biodiversity to supporting local communities, sustainable sourcing practices help to reduce the environmental impact of skincare products while also creating high-quality, luxurious products. Waterbody is proud to remain committed to sourcing the most ethical, sustainable, and highest quality ingredients to create experiential natural skincare for you. 

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