Meet the Micro-farm That's Growing Fresh Alaskan Botanicals for our Skincare

This year Waterbody began an exciting partnership with a budding new small-scale farm here on Wrangell island, with the goal of sourcing even more of our natural body care ingredients as locally as possible!

High tunnel and rows of vegetables growing under Alaska's midnight sun at Wrangell's Ocean View Gardens

Ocean View gardens is a local family owned micro-farm, cultivating an approximately one-acre plot of land to produce fruits, vegetables, flowers, and now skin-restoring medicinal herbs for folks in the Wrangell community.

Situated on the site of Wrangell’s former timber mill overlooking the steely blue ocean of Zimovia Strait, Ocean View gardens collects scraps and waste from the local seafood processor and mixes it with sawdust from the local mill to create a nutrient-rich and uniquely Alaskan compost that builds the farm’s soils and feeds healthy, vibrant plants. With the help of high tunnels, ground cover, and row covers, Ocean View is able to produce an impressive amount of crops without the use of imported fertilizers and pesticides. 

A row of calendula flowers begin to blossom at Wrangell's Ocean View Gardens

This year, Ocean View is trialing two rows of medicinal herbs for our line of skincare and body care goods to see how well these plants can thrive amid Southeast Alaska’s cool, wet growing environment. Currently growing are calendula, chamomile, lemon balm, mint, and lavender.

These herbs are harvested by hand as they bloom and mature throughout the summer, then dried and stored to be used in luxurious skincare formulations for you.

A hand-harvested bouquet of lemon balm

Making the shift toward even more locally produced ingredients allows us to drastically shrink our carbon footprint, and to invest in the growth and development of our local economy and food security. And, stopping to pick flowers on my way into the workshop each morning isn’t a bad way to start the day either 😉

Look for these vibrant, Alaska-grown botanicals making their way into your favorite soaps, soaks, oils, and balms!

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