How to Use a Body Oil

The Evergreen Body Oil is specially formulated to be a multitasking, dreamy-smelling, plant-powered liquid gold that nourishes, moisturizes, and protects your skin and hair from head to toe. Made with rich, organic, skin-loving oils and wild harvested Alaskan botanicals to feel luxuriously restorative on your body as it enlivens your senses.  

But how exactly does one use a body oil in their skincare routine?

Here are 5 ways to invite the benefits of our luscious forest-to-skin body oil into your skin and body care rituals: 

Moisturize your skin

The body oil is a concentrated blend of rich organic plant-based oils containing fatty acids and nutrients that nourish, plump, and protect your skin. Traditional lotions are made up of oils emulsified with water; body oil takes water out of the equation to deliver your skin a purely botanical moisturizer.

Apply body oil to all the parts of your body that you would moisturize with a typical lotion. Legs, arms, elbows, feet, hands; you can even apply to the delicate skin of your face, as our formula uses oils that won’t clog pores, and can even help to balance out your skin’s natural oil production. For an extra dose of hydration as you moisturize, apply your body oil to still-damp skin, freshly out of the bath or shower. The oil creates a protective barrier that keeps moisture close to your skin and prevents it from drying out. 


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Smooth and soften frizzy hair

The body oil works beautifully to soften, smooth, and moisturize dry, frizzy, or flyaway-prone hair, leaving your tresses with the transcendent scent of wild Alaskan botanicals.

Apply a few drops of oil to your hands and smooth over dry ends, frizzy flyaways, or massage into your scalp to help reduce dry skin and flakiness. The body oil can also be used to soften and smooth hair on the face or body, making an excellent (and divinely-scented) natural beard oil.

Repair dry, cracked, and peeling cuticles

Struggling with hangnails, cracked cuticles, or dry splitting fingernails? Add the body oil to your home nail care routine by applying a small drop of oil on each nail and gently massaging in to the cuticles, nail beds, and working your way over your whole hands. With regular application, over time you’ll notice a marked improvement in the skin around your fingernails. 

Three bottles of body oil lay atop a marble surface surrounded by bits of evergreen boughs and a wooden natural bristle nail brush

Elevate your bath

Adding the body oil directly to your bathwater is the ULTIMATE way to enhance your bathing ritual, engage your senses, soften your skin, and relax your whole body. Sprinkle a few droppers of oil into your bathwater as you’re ready to soak. Just be cautious not to add too much oil, so as to avoid a dangerously slippery tub!

The warmth of the water helps to open your skin’s pores to better absorb all the nutrients and moisturizing fatty acids of the body oil. Emerge from your soak with skin that feels soft, supple, and perfectly moisturized. No post-bath lotion necessary.

Try pairing Evergreen Body Oil with the Rainforest Bath Soak to transport yourself into the wild heart of Alaska’s ancient Tongass forest as you soak in all of its grounding energy and restorative benefits.

Massage sore and aching muscles

Body oils make great massage oils – softening and lubricating the skin to allow for luxurious movement and pressure applied to sore, stiff, or tired muscles. Allow the woodsy, earthy aroma of the Evergreen Body Oil to quiet your mind as you massage the oil into the arches of your feet, the meaty palms of your hands, or your over-stressed shoulders. Treat a partner to a body oil massage, and enjoy the benefits of sharing a tender loving touch.

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