• Self Care in The Backcountry

    Self Care in The Backcountry

    Alaskan summer is in full swing, and the season is prime for getting outta dodge to take advantage of all this magnificent landscape has to offer. Whether your summer trails lead you high up the mountain, deep into the woods, or far up river, the smallest of self care rituals can go a long way in keeping you comfortable, happy, and feeling like a goddess of...
  • Dandelion Fields Forever

    Dandelion Fields Forever

      It’s the time of year in Southeast Alaska where the sun has finally warmed our cold, wet, wintery bones and the sun has baked into the soil enough to coax out all the fresh bright greens of springtime. Perhaps my favorite sight of spring are the pops of bright golden yellow that have begun to burst open and grow to the size of...


    Our goal at Waterbody is to bring you the very best in body care. To bring you all natural goods that enhance your daily life, encourage routine self care, restore and support healthy, happy skin, and make accessible the healing powers of the plant world. We strive to do this while also fostering a connection to our wild natural landscapes and creating ways to live...
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