Our goal at Waterbody is to bring you the very best in body care. To bring you all natural goods that enhance your daily life, encourage routine self care, restore and support healthy, happy skin, and make accessible the healing powers of the plant world. We strive to do this while also fostering a connection to our wild natural landscapes and creating ways to live more sustainably and lessen our impact on our earth.


To create our original herbal preparations we use herbs that have been wildcrafted and sustainably harvested in small batches to preserve native habitat; locally cultivated and grown biodynamically in our own kitchen garden without the use of manufactured pesticides or fertilizers; and certified organic herbs produced commercially by growers that work to nurture the ecological health of their lands.


We package all of our products using recyclable materials, right down to the kraft paper labels made from post-consumer product; and we strive to recycle and re-use shipping materials whenever possible.


In an effort to continue our commitment to sustainability and build our business in a way that benefits our customers, our communities, and our environment, Waterbody is proud to announce that beginning this year all of our products will be made with certified organic butters and oils! That means everything from our salves and butters, to our lip balms and soaps.


2017 brings lots of exciting opportunities and new things on the horizon for our small handmade business, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the very best products made with the very best ingredients sourced sustainably and responsibly, so you can feel good about what you put on your skin.

Thanks for your continued support, and wishing you all the best this year.

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