Our commitment to environmental stewardship

“Stewardship: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.”

The ethic of stewardship is a core value at the very heart of this business. I view stewardship as both a mindset and a practice. A lens through which to view our actions and the positive or negative impacts they send rippling out into the world around us. And a compass to guide those actions toward caring for and maintaining an environment that is healthy and abundant for all forms of life on our planet.

Respect and caring for the lands and waters that nourish and sustain us is baked into the foundation of Waterbody.

Here’s how I’m working to weave a practice and culture of stewardship in the fabric of Waterbody:

Recognizing the original stewards of these lands

Southeast Alaska’s indigenous Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples have tended to and stewarded these lands and waters for many, many generations. Their relationship to and respect for the natural world sets an example for all of us to follow.

A commitment to sustainable use of resources

Following the indigenous example, the wild plants and ingredients used in Waterbody formulas are gathered as mindfully and sustainably as possible. We do not work with those wild plants that are considered culturally sacred or environmentally sensitive to harvest. We select only those plants that readily grow and reproduce, and can be harvested with little to no impact on their surrounding habitat. Seasonal harvests of wild plants are closely monitored and recorded, to ensure that resident populations continue to thrive and prosper.

Those ingredients that are not wild harvested receive the same level of thought and care as to how their production affects their surrounding environment and human communities. The oils used in Waterbody products are certified organic and sourced as locally as possible to reduce carbon emissions related to transport. Partnership with a Wrangell-based small-scale farm is currently underway to being sourcing our cultivated botanicals right here on the island.

Each product’s packaging and shipping materials are also carefully considered to have the least impact on the environment possible. Find a complete guide to recycling your Waterbody containers here.

Dedication to helping you foster a deeper relationship to nature

The whole heart and soul of Waterbody, and the driving force behind each and every product is the cultivation of a deeper connection between us and the natural world. We create products that help you deepen your own unique relationship with the natural world, through your daily personal care rituals. Because the more intimately we come to know nature, the more fiercely we protect and care for her.

Giving to and participating in on the ground cleanup efforts

To keep our local green spaces clean, healthy, and accessible for our whole community, Waterbody donates 1% of profits quarterly to Wrangell Parks and Recreation’s Helping Our Parks Program. These funds help to coordinate an annual parks cleanup event and fund scholarships for youth to attend outdoor recreation programming.

I’m committed to building this skincare and body care business as a force for good; to not only share the values of environmental stewardship, but to put those values into practice every single day.

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