Talking trash: How to recycle your empty skincare and body care containers

So you’ve used up all of your favorite Waterbody skincare product, now what? Don’t just toss it in the trash!

We know you care deeply about the environmental impacts of the products you use – from how they’re created to how they’re packaged. That’s why every single element of our product packaging has been thought through to allow for re-use, recycling, and even composting.

We humans send A LOT of garbage into landfills, where it piles on and creates all sorts of environmental problems polluting air, water, and land. Waterbody is committed to bringing you sustainable, natural body care that is both kind to your body and kind to the Earth.

Here are some tips for recycling your spent skincare and body care containers:

  • Wash your empty container with warm soapy water
  • Remove the label if possible – let your jar or bottle soak in that warm water for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive
  • Consider creative ways you might re-use the container in your home – a jar to hold cotton swabs, thumb tacks, or rubber bands?
  • Check with your local recycling program to brush up on which glasses, plastics, and cardboards they’ll accept.

How to recycle Facial Oil and Body Oil bottles

How to recycle facial oil and body oil bottles: remove dropper, wash and remove label, send bottle to recycling center

Currently, you can recycle all parts of our oil bottles with the exception of the plastic cap ring and rubber bulb. All of the glass components are recyclable!

How to recycle Body Butter Jars

How to recycle body butter jars: Wash and remove label before recycling glass jar; plastic lid is PP #5

Check with your local waste management program to be sure they accept PP#5 plastic, and remove the foam liner before tossing your cap in the recycle bin.

How to recycle empty Bath Soak Packaging

How to recycle Bath Soak Packaging: The paperboard tube is fully recyclable, cello bag inside is compostable!

A big win - Our Bath Soak packaging is completely plastic free! Recycle the tube, and toss the empty cello bag inside right into your home or commercial compost pile.

How to recycle Bar Soap boxes

How to recycle bar soap boxes: They're 100% recyclable cardboard!

Great news - Our cardboard soap boxes are 100% recyclable too!

How to recycle Body Balm Tins

How to recycle body balm tins

We're always researching and testing out new product packaging components to help us inch even closer to offering a truly zero waste body care line - where every single element can be recycled or returned safely to the environment.

Discover body care that's good to the planet, and good to your body:


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