How to Plan the Ultimate Self Care-Indulgent Date Night In

Round up your best pals, snuggle up to your honey, or carve out a quiet place alone and follow this recipe for a cozy, luxurious date night in this Valentine’s day (or any day!)

Set the mood:

Comfy, cozy, soft and sensual. Turn the lights low, light some candles, don your most comfy pjs or favorite silky robe and create a comfortable space for an evening of self care.

Que up a few of your favorite rom-coms on Netflix if you’re into getting sappy while you spa. Or try tapping into this Winter Nights playlist for some low key background music while you keep the conversation flowing.

Share the food:

Whip up a quick and easy charcuterie board to lay out for grazing that satisfies the cravings for salty, crunchy, soft, and sweet:

  • Meats: Try sliced cured salami or prosciutto, smoked salmon
  • Cheese: Soft brie or goat cheese paired with sharp cheddar or gouda offer a tasty combo
  • Crunch: Try pistachios or mixed nuts, alongside your favorite cracker for a good crunch
  • Salty: Anything pickled – olives, veggies, or pickled kelp!
  • Sweet: A few squares of dark chocolate, some dried figs, and a sliced up apple

And for a tasty accompanying beverage, try this recipe for strawberry basil margarita cocktail/mocktail from Liz Moody.

A woman soaks her feet in a metal bowl filled with water and bath salts

Treat your feet:

With the ambiance set, snacks and drinks at the ready, it’s time to kick back and soak your hardworking feet. 

Fill a tub, tote, or large bowl with warm water from the tap or a pot of water heated on the stove (careful of the temp). Sprinkle in your favorite bath soak – Deep Blue Sea is a personal favorite for foot soaks – and slide your feet into the warm water to soak and restore. The Bath Soak’s mineral salts will feel heavenly on tired muscles, while the organic jojoba and vitamin E oils work to soften and moisturize your skin.

A woman mixes powdered face mask with water by hand in a small clay dish

Face mask and chill:

Level up the self care experience with a custom at-home facial. Gather up a warm, wet washcloth and drape it over your face for a few moments. Resist the urge to scrub with the wash cloth, and instead just press it to your skin, enjoying the warmth and moisture.

With your skin prepped, mix up your favorite herb + clay face mask. Scoop a teaspoon of dry mask into a small dish or your palm, and begin to add a little liquid one drop at a time, mixing until you reach your desired mud-like consistency. You can mix your mask with warm water, a dollop of honey for extra moisture, a few drops of oil, or even yogurt from the fridge.

Apply the mask to your face and neck, and sit back to relax for 5-10 minutes as your mask dries and does it’s work pulling out impurities and replenishing nutrients to your skin. Gently rinse the mask off and pat dry with warm water.

Finish off your home facial treatment by massaging a few drops of Wildflower Facial Oil into your skin.

A woman applies a blue green face mask treatment to her face with a small brush while smiling


Take the evening slow, and enjoy the sweet indulgence in caring for yourself. You deserve it ❤️

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