How to use a dry, powder face mask to create a custom facial treatment

a dry powdered face mask is measured into a small dish, framed by a facial mask brush and a blue towel

Create your own unique, personalized home facial treatment with our concentrated herb + clay face masks! Here’re a few tips to help get you started: 

Wash your face

Facial mask treatments work best on freshly cleaned skin. Use a gentle soap (Alpenglow is a favorite for face wash) to cleanse your skin.

Choose your mask

If you’re looking for an invigorating and uplifting mask treatment, the Deep Blue Sea Face Mask is your best pal. French green clay draws out excess oil and impurities, while Alaskan kelp and peppermint soften, nourish, and refresh your skin.

If you tend toward sensitive skin, redness, or irritation, the Wildflower Face Mask is for you. Rose kaolin clay is buttery soft and gently exfoliating, while calming chamomile, calendula, and yarrow soothe and soften your skin.

Scoop approx. 2 teaspoons worth of powdered face mask into a small dish or the palm of your hand to start out.

Add your liquid

Our lush powdered masks activate their botanical magic when you add liquid to the mix.

Adding a bit of warm water is the simplest most straightforward mix, but you can get completely custom here depending on what your skin and senses are craving:

Extra dry skin? Mix a tsp of honey with a few drops of warm water into your mask. Honey is a natural humectant - meaning it draws moisture to your skin to keep it feeling hydrated and dewey.

Dull or flaky skin? Mix your mask with a tsp or so of yogurt. Yogurt’s naturally lower pH and lactic acids offer a gentle exfoliating boost to the clays and herbs of your mask.

Craving an ultra luxe facial treatment at home? Prepare a mug of your favorite herbal tea, and enjoy a pre-mask facial steam as it brews. Drape a towel over your head and hover near your mug to create a steam tent (be extra careful not to burn yourself on hot steam!) When you’re ready to mask, use a few drops of your warm herbal tea as a mixing liquid.

Whichever mixing medium you choose, start by slowly adding just a few drops at a time. Mix until you’ve reached a thick mud-like consistency that you can easily smooth over your skin without it running or dripping off.

A woman mixes pink powdered face mask with water in a small dish

Apply and relax

Using your clean fingertips or a mask brush, smooth the prepared mask over your face and neck. Take care to avoid your eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Sit back and relax for the next 10-20 minutes as your mask works it’s magic. As your mask dries, you’ll feel it begin to tighten a bit on your skin. This is where the clays do their heavy lifting, drawing dirt and impurities from the skin as they dry.

Rinse and refresh

Remove the mask by splashing some warm water on your face and gently massaging the skin with your fingers or a warm washcloth. Rinse your face clean and pat dry with a towel.

Seal the deal and lock in that post-mask moisture with a few drops of Wildflower Facial Oil massaged into your skin.

Repeat your masking ritual any time you need a skincare or self care boost, and get creative in the ways you mix and mask!

A woman looks calm and relaxed as she applies a blue green face mask to her face with a small brush

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