How-to: Create Your Self Care Ritual with Herbal Face Masks!

So, you've seen our new herbal face masks and you're thinking, "well that looks/sounds incredible, but how the heck do I use it?!"

I see you, and I've put together a little demo to show you how to develop your own self care masking ritual & enjoy all the herb-infused benefits of our new face masks!

Step 1: Choose your mask! What suits your mood? Your skin? Your scent preference? The Wildflower Face Mask is great for soothing red, inflamed, or irritated skin, as it contains calming chamomile, skin-loving calendula, and anti-inflammatory yarrow. The Wildflower mask has a lovely red color & smells like a sweet lavender floral bouquet.

The Deep Blue Sea Face Mask is great for refreshing tired skin & spirits, as its french green clay draws out dirt & impurities while kelp & peppermint offer a hit of vitamins & antioxidants with a cooling effect.

Aside from the inherent plant & mineral-based benefits of your face mask, the biggest benefit of this ritual is that you are carving out time to do something sweet for yourself! Simply making space for even 10-15 minutes of doing nothing but loving on yourself amid the business of everyday life is truly the best medicine.

Wildflower face mask

Step 2: Set the mood. You've chosen your mask, you've set aside the time, now really get into your ritual by putting on tunes you love, lighting candles, steeping some tea, donning comfy clothes, & preparing a relaxing space to put your feet up while you mask.

Gathered and Grown home spa

Step 3: Mix. The herbal face masks come to you in a concentrated powder, ready to be mixed with the liquid medium your heart & skin desire. Measure out roughly a tablespoon or a few teaspoonfuls of the powdered mask into your hand or a small mixing dish.

Mixing herbal face masks

Here's where you get to customize: your mask can simply be mixed with water to create the texture and consistency you like. I recommend adding just a few drops at a time and mixing as you go until it forms a slightly runny, spreadable paste.

For an extra luxurious feel & an extra hit of moisture to your skin, try mixing your mask with a few teaspoons of warm honey. If the honey feels too thick, thin the texture out with a few drops of water. Honey acts as a wonderful natural humectant - meaning it draws moisture from the air to your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated post-masking.

For a thicker, creamier treatment mix your mask with a few teaspoons of yogurt. The lactic acid found in yogurt will help to dissolve and slough off dead skin cells, while yogurt's natural fats nourish & moisturize your skin.

mixing herbal face masks

Step 4: Mask. Once you've mixed up your desired consistency, spread an even thin layer of the mask over your face, and even your neck if you like. Take care to leave ample space around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Enjoy a sweet little self-massage as you apply your mask, and for extra good feelings don't be afraid to tell yourself out loud how dang good you're looking these days as you check yourself out in the mirror.

Step 5: Chill. Now that the mask is on, rinse your hands, grab that cup of tea, and kick back to relax for at least 10-15 minutes. Allowing the mask to dry on your face while you unwind gives the natural clays the opportunity to work their ion-magic, physically drawing impurities from the skin, while the herbs offer up their nourishment. Suggested activities for step 5 include: journaling, reading, meditating, taking a bath, sketching, and simply reveling in quiet solitude.

Step 6: Rinse. Your mask has dried, you've taken sufficient time to relax, and now it's time to unveil that natural beauty once again. Gently wash your mask off with warm water and a wash cloth if you like. As you rinse and gently rub away your mask, the plants & minerals' natural textures will exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells, leaving you with soft and refreshed skin. Follow your mask up with your regular facial moisturizer to seal in all that good hydration & nourishment.

herbal face mask

The best part of developing a nurturing self care ritual is trying new things to find what's right and what feels good for YOU. If this routine cultivated some internal peace & quiet & brought you to a happy place, try carving out time for it once a week. Your body, brain, & spirit will thank you for it.

Start your herbal face mask ritual here, and happy masking!

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