Clean body, clean planet: Multipurpose All Natural Soaps

When I first ventured in the world of making soap by hand, I sought a cleanser that did not dry my already sensitive skin out after each shower, and one that did not leave me with a mound of empty plastic bottles to deal with. I was over the idea that I needed to settle for a big bottle of super sudsy body wash that was actually just stripping my skin of its natural protective oils, which would then require me to use a big bottle of lotion to replenish the lost moisture. I wanted to create a cleanser that could to it all - clean & take care of my whole body, even my hair - without harsh chemical sudsing agents artificial fragrances, and without adding more plastics to an already overburdened waste stream.

And so our line of all natural multipurpose soaps was born. Handcrafted bars of cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing plant power all wrapped up in a pretty little biodegradable package. Made to keep you feeling clean and fresh from head to toe.

What’s inside:

The two main ingredients in all of our natural soaps are organic olive oil and organic coconut oil. Each chosen for their rich profile of fatty acids that support the skin’s natural moisture levels, their emollient properties, and their ability to produce a gentle cleansing lather in the final bar that lifts dirt from the skin while at the same time replenishing moisture.

Rich organic oils for making hand crafted soap

Each soap also includes rich organic shea butter, castor oil, and sunflower oil, in addition to a unique blend of herbs, clays, and essential oils to support the skin and the senses. All of our soap ingredients are completely natural and biodegradable – which means they don’t send pollutants down the drain and into our waterways. All of our bars are always palm oil free (you can read more about the environmental implications of commercial palm oil use here), and each ingredient is hand poured, weighed, melted, and mixed with love in small batches.

What’s outside:

Our multipurpose soaps are packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. This means less plastics making their way into the waste stream, and less plastics making their way into our oceans. Our coastal home sits at the edge of the big blue Pacific. We source ingredients directly from these abundant shorelines. It’s our responsibility to make sure we take care of them and cut down on the alarming amount of plastic debris washing up on our beaches. When you’re ready to use your beautiful soap, simply toss the box into your recycling bin and get to sudsin’.

How to use them:

Our soaps are designed to do more than just sit in a pretty basket in your guest bathroom. They’re literally made to help you cleanse from head to toe!

Shampoo bar: With their rich profile of organic oils and nutrient rich herbs, our soaps make excellent shampoo bars. Simply rub the bar between your hands to produce a nice lather and then work the lather into your scalp and tresses. Rinse and enjoy soft, shiny hair! The Meadowspring Soap works especially well as a shampoo bar.

Body bar: Work up a lather using your hands, washcloth, or your favorite bathing sponge and cleanse the whole body with nourishing oils and a subtle natural fragrance. Try the Alpenglow Soap for a luxurious lather thanks to naturally exfoliating rose kaolin clay and the soothing scent of lavender.

Shave bar: Our clay soaps offer an excellent ‘slip’ to their lather, allowing your razor to glide closely and smoothly along the skin if you’re a person who shaves. Try the Mermud Soap, made with Alaskan kelp and French green clay on your next shave and enjoy the silky smoothness afterward.

Pet wash: Because our soaps are made with completely natural ingredients, they are totally safe and effective for use on the furry members of your family too! Apply the lather from any of our handmade bars to your next dog bath, work into their fur, and rinse away for a healthy, shiny coat.

Mermud Soap by Gathered and Grown Botanicals

However you choose to use your natural bar soap, be sure to store it in a well-draining location where it can dry out between uses. With proper storage your bar should last you several weeks of regular use.

Happy sudsing!

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