How to use a dry brush for radiant skin

We recently welcomed a new line of tools and accessories to our experiential body care offerings at Waterbody. One that I’m particularly excited to share with you are the natural bristle dry brushes that are so simple to use and have so beautifully enhanced my home self care routine.

Incorporating a regular dry brush practice at home has been a game changer for the health, texture, and appearance of my skin, and the act of dry brushing itself has become a regular feel-good body care treat that I look forward to just as much as the first warm cup of coffee in the morning.

If you’re new to dry brushing, here’s a quick intro on the why, what, and how of this delicious practice:


A tube of rainforest bath soak spills out, surrounded by a dry body brush, sea wool sponge, and green ferns and pine boughs

Why dry brush?

The practice of dry brushing keeps our skin feeling fresh, healthy, smooth and radiant. The brush’s stiff natural bristles gently exfoliate to loosen and slough away dead skin cells, helping to smooth the texture of your skin, clear out pores, and make way for healthy new cell growth.

Dry brushing stimulates and supports the body’s natural system of detoxification through our largest organ, the skin. A key element of our natural immunity, the lymphatic system captures and eliminates potential toxins from body tissues. Located just below the skin, the lymphatic system moves infection-fighting white blood cells through the body via a network of lymph vessels and nodes. Unlike our cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system does not operate from a central pump like the heart; it requires physical movement of the body to get flowing. While exercise is the best way to flush your lymphatic system, external stimulation via massage or dry brushing can help boost the body’s natural process of elimination to keep your skin and internal tissues healthy and happy.

A regular dry brushing practice allows you to spend a few sacred minutes with yourself, to lovingly check in on every inch of your own body. The simple act of carving out 5 minutes every few days to do something that feels good and takes care of your body is a powerful thing. Dry brushing is a physical act and expression of self love; an opportunity to feel, see, and appreciate all the incredible parts and pieces of your being. This practice encourages us to press pause just for a moment, and check in with ourselves.

Sisal dry body brush


How to dry brush

The practice of dry brushing is simple and easy to incorporate into your daily or weekly self care routine:

  1. Start at the tips & work towards the heart. Begin at your feet and move your brush in small circular or stroking motions up the legs, over the belly and back, and toward your heart. Repeat from your hands up the arms to your chest. This method of brushing best supports your circulation and lymphatic system.
  2. Don’t gloss over your less noticeable parts; the soles of your feet, backs of the knees, armpits, and that luscious booty deserve a loving touch too! However, if some areas of skin feel too delicate or sensitive for brushing take care to avoid them.
  3. Apply a firm but kind pressure. Your brushing practice will stimulate blood flow to the skin, but should not cause you any pain. If the sensation is too much, apply a lighter pressure as you brush.
  4. Give yourself at least 5 minutes to work from toe to head. Take as much time as you need to enjoy the process and the sensation. Take notice of how your body is feeling, how your skin feels, how good your butt looks from this angle. Make your practice a loving one! An opportunity to see and appreciate this glorious body that has carried you through the world. Don’t be afraid to tell that body how good looking she is and that she’s doing a damn good job at this whole living life thing.

A dry body brush sits beside a bottle of evergreen body oil

That’s it! Get your brush, strip down, and make the ritual your own. Practice dry brushing 1-3 times per week, either before or after you hop in the shower. Seal your ritual with a few drops of Evergreen Body Oil massaged into warm shower-fresh skin as you towel off.

Enjoy smoother, softer, naturally glowing skin and a more tender loving relationship with your body.




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