Rainforest Bath Soak

A grounding mineral soak to relax, unwind, and transport you to the heart of Alaska's ancient Tongass rainforest.

Epsom Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, Spruce Tips, Labrador Tea, Tapioca Starch, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E Oil, Sitka Spruce Oil, Lodgepole Pine Oil, Western Red Cedar Oil

*Certified Organic

For the bath: Sprinkle a few handfuls into running bathwater and swirl gently to dissolve salts. Sink in, soak, and feel incredible.

For a foot/hand soak: Add a handful to a bowl or tub of water. Try cold water for a cooling soak in the summer, and warm water to thaw cold feet and hands in winter. Soak and enjoy.

One 10 oz. tube can last anywhere between 1 and 4 soaks, depending on how much you like to add. Please compost your soak's cello bag and recycle the paperboard tube when you're finished to show mother nature some love.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For external use only.

Immerse yourself in the grounding energy & ancient magic of the Tongass rainforest.

Rest among the old growth spruce and cedar trees, where a soft carpet of moss quiets the noise of the day. The Rainforest Bath Soak invites you to slow down, be present, and take in the scenery with all of your senses.


A walk in the woods.

Key Ingredients


An aromatic shrub that thrives among Alaska’s bog-like muskegs. Labrador tea’s leathery green leaves offer a fresh, invigorating meadow-sweet aroma with anti-inflammatory and skin restoring properties.


These iconic evergreens of southeast Alaska’s old growth forests offer cleansing properties and a grounding woodsy aroma to aid in releasing stress and tension, or soothing congested airways.



More to know

Take a trip into the Tongass rainforest to learn how we gather spring's fresh spruce tips for your Rainforest Bath Soak.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Transports me back to my happy place with just a whiff

Ahhhhh, Alaska! You haunt me in my dreams and are present in nearly every waking thought. This place has captured my soul, and it’s this family’s vacation of choice year after year. This scent captures the wild, mystical beauty that is Alaska. Hands down, best bath salts I’ve ever purchased.

A forest in my bathtub

I don’t think I’ll buy any other bath salts ever again. If you dream of rainy moss and pine, this is where it’s at.

Carole Christian
Love it!

Very nice product with beautiful packaging.

K Rock
I want to live inside these salts

As I was filling up my tub yesterday for a winter "back to the womb" soak, I stood and held the Rainforest Bath Soak salts up to my face, inhaled over and over, and briefly wondered if it would be appropriate to scatter them throughout my house, sew them into my clothes, or knit them into my hair so that I could have this amazing scent all around me at all times. It doesn't seem possible that such magic could be flowing into my nose holes. This is the union of forest bathing and actual bathing, and I didn't know how much I needed it!

THIS REVIEW HAD MADE MY ENTIRE YEAR! I'm so thrilled you love the salts, and that you got to indulge in some magical rainforest bathing! Thanks Kendall, you're the greatest (: -Angie

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Rainforest Bath Soak
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