The Wild Origins of the Mermud Soap

Inspired by the cold, moody, grey-blue waters of Alaska’s Pacific Ocean that lap the rocky shores of our home island in Southeast Alaska, the Mermud Soap is an invitation to take a deep breath, dive in, and emerge revitalized by the ocean’s power and beauty each time you lather.

Wrangell Island, home to the Waterbody headquarters, sits at the mouth of the mighty Stikine River. Carving out a mountainous river valley hung with glaciers as it flows from Canada to Alaska’s coast, the Stikine River carries with it the fine silty particles of ancient rock that deposit onto a broad sandy river delta and turn our island’s surrounding waters a cloudy grey-blue-green.

Aerial image of Wrangell, Alaska

These unique silty ocean waters where the Stikine River meets the sea are the inspiration behind the Mermud Soap’s muddy sea green color, which comes from the inclusion of French Green Clay.

French Green Clay is a fine powdery mineral derived from ancient sea floor deposits. The fine particles of French Green Clay carry with them a gentle exfoliating quality as they draw impurities from the skin.

A kelp bed off the coast of Alaska beside a close up of a golden bull kelp frond

Alaska’s cool coastal waters are also home to a brilliant diversity of inter-tidal marine life. Our coastlines are dotted with thick beds of nutrient-rich seaweeds that rise and fall, float and flow with the changing tides.

You’ll find wild bull kelp, harvested by hand from Southeast Alaskan coastal waters in each bar of Mermud Soap, lending it’s rich profile of marine nutrients, skin-soothing properties, and gently exfoliating texture to your lather.

With the cool air and warm sun on your skin, the prickling anticipation of the shock to your body, and the deep breath and bolt of courage as you throw your arms up and charge head first into the chilly blue yonder; a swim in this northern ocean water is never short of an exhilarating experience.

I never regret an ocean swim – it’s the most rejuvenating, enlivening feeling that awakens all of your cells and your senses.

The Mermud Soap offers a crisp, cool scent of rosemary and peppermint to help awaken your body and mind, and bring your senses to life as you suds.

Dive into Alaska’s wild Pacific Ocean and enliven your senses with the rich lather of the Mermud Soap.


A package of Mermud Soap sits atop a log near the ocean in Alaska

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