Part 2: Introducing WATERBODY

Five years from those first market days as a fledgling handmade body care business, and an incredible amount of things have changed. Comfort zones expanded, along with experience and skill sets. Formulas improved. Packaging got better. Systems improved. Ingredients went organic. Huge mistakes were made and huge lessons were learned.

And one thing has stayed largely the same: a deep passion for fostering deeper connections to the natural world, and a commitment to body care as a ritual, a rite, and a pathway to holistic wellness.

After 12+ months of reflection, integration, deep soul searching, dreaming, scheming, and countless hours of behind the scenes work, I am SO EXCITED to finally share with you the next evolution of our body care brand!!

Part 2: Introducing WATERBODY

Waterbody skincare collection

Waterbody is a celebration of Alaska's wild nature, and an invitation to connect to this wild landscape and the wild parts of ourselves through the daily rituals of body care.

Our new brand and product line welcome you in to the forest, meadows, and sea as you take tender loving care of your skin and body, create space and ritual to connect to yourself, and live closely with the elements of nature.


Our new look and packaging have been thoughtfully designed to reflect the tranquil and spirited landscape of Alaska's forests, mountains, and ocean, with beautiful label art created from aerial imagery of our local Southeast AK terrain.

Our products continue to be made by hand in Wrangell, AK with mindfully and sustainably hand-harvested local plant ingredients, as well as organic herbs, oils, butters, and other 100% natural ingredients. Formulated with intention and care to deliver simple, effective, experiential skincare that makes tending to your body a sensational experience.

If you're a G&G regular, you'll notice some changes to the product lineup. Some products have been retired for good, some will make a reappearance down the line. Our Bath Soaks and Body Butter have gotten an upgrade, and a few soaps feature new names that connect more closely the landscapes that created them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being on this journey with me. This new brand and next evolution is my love letter to this incredible place, and my sincere offering to you: wilderness inspired body care to help you discover your wild nature.

Stay tuned for so many good things to come. And be sure to follow Waterbody for all the updates as I continue to roll out the new brand and product line!

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