Listening, Learning, Committed to Doing Better

Waterbody stands with black lives. Waterbody stands against racism, injustice and inequality.


The past week I have intentionally quieted our brand’s voice and directed my energy toward

listening to the voices, stories and experience of black people living in the US;

learning from black educators, from our collective histories, from articles, podcasts, and reading lists;

examining the ways in which I sit comfortably inside systems of oppression, my own internal biases; and

committing to taking concrete actions within myself, my community, and my business to tear down racism in its many forms.


This commitment means that as a business, and as a person, I am donating to Black Visions Collective - working to dismantle systemic racism and liberate black communities.

I am donating to The Loveland Foundation - a fund that provides access to therapeutic and healing services for black women and girls.

And I am donating to Native Movement, an Alaskan organization dedicated to building people power, rooted in an indigenous worldview, for healthy sustainable and just communities for all people.


10% of every purchase during the month of June will be donated to these organizations. Donate directly to these efforts via the links above.


I am committed to staying in the necessary, messy work of examining and understanding my own personal biases and place within systems of oppression. Committed to learning from (and paying) black educators sharing their stories and perspectives. Committed to practicing humility, having tough conversations, stumbling, falling, and getting back up to do it again.

I am committed to turning this same magnifying glass of self-examination onto my business, which operates on and utilizes resources from unceded indigenous lands - Lingít Aaní. Committed to the practice of supporting our indigenous community, and decolonizing my work and the products I offer (more on this to come). I'm looking critically at the ways in which my business, products, and marketing efforts can be used to make the greater wellness space more inclusive and representative of the bodies and experiences of black, brown, and indigenous people.

Find a wealth of anti-racism resources to support self-examination and deeper learning here.

Waterbody is built on the belief that we must take good care of ourselves, so that we can show up fully and completely to take care of others.

Our nation is being called upon to turn inward, to examine our biases, lean into discomforts, find our tools and our voices to show up, and keep showing up, for the lives and rights of black people in America.


Practice anti-racism as self care

I am keeping my ears, eyes, mind, and heart open to this lifelong process of learning and unlearning. I will always welcome your feedback on ways that this work, this business can better uplift our black, brown, and indigenous communities.

With so much love and gratitude,


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