Ingredient spotlight: Sunflower Oil

Read the ingredient label of nearly any of our handmade soaps, body balms, oils, or butters and you’ll find organic sunflower oil near the top of the list. We include sunflower oil in so many of our skincare formulations because it lends itself as the perfect medium to absorb and transfer all the skin-loving benefits of the Alaskan botanicals we work with to your skin.

A woman pours sunflower oil into a jar filled with herbs

At Waterbody we specialize in whole-plant infused body care. This means that we harvest and source whole plant materials (flower petals, dried fruits, barks, tree needles and buds), infuse them slowly into oils, and then strain off the plant material before blending these oils with other decadent natural ingredients to create nourishing butters, oils, and balms.

Pure organic sunflower (pictured below on the left) begins as a pale golden color and relatively odorless. After several weeks of infusion with vibrant orange calendula flowers, the sunflower oil on the right has taken on the rich coloration and subtle resinous scent of calendula.

Two beakers of sunflower oil sit atop a metal table. The beaker on the left is pale in color. The beaker on the right is a golden yellow.

On its own, sunflower oil offers a wealth of benefits to our skin:

  • Rich in essential fatty acids – like linoleic acid; a component of our skin’s topmost lipid layer that forms a barrier over our body, protecting against dryness, itching, and irritation.
  • Naturally high in vitamin E – an antioxidant that both moisturizes and protects our skin, while also naturally keeping the oil from oxidizing and going rancid.
  • Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin – delivering deep moisture without clogging pores.

Find organic sunflower oil lending a moisturizing lather to our handmade soaps, blending beautifully with luxurious jojoba and rosehip seed oil in the Wildflower Facial Oil, and softly smoothing over your skin in the Midnight Bloom Body Butter.


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