How to recharge your body and mind with a simple, luxurious bath soak

When the world feels heavy and you’re feeling the effects of long-term stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and mental fatigue in the form of stiff muscles, sore shoulders, and a tired body, it’s so, so important to carve out time and space to rest, relax, and set down your heavy mental and energetic load.

Make a date with yourself, your tub, and your favorite Waterbody Bath Soak to press the pause button, quiet your mind, and come back to your body through the delicious scents and sensations of a luxurious warm soak.

Relax into warm water + mineral salts

Draw yourself a steamy warm tub of water and swirl in a few handfuls of Bath Soak. Each variety is made with a both Epsom salts and Pacific sea salts to help you relax and soften as you soak in the weightless warm embrace of your bath. Notice all the sweet sensations on your skin and body as you skin in and relax.

Waterbody Wildflower Bath Soak spills out over a soft blush pink surface

Soften with nourishing oils

Waterbody Bath Soaks are each made with a blend of rich organic jojoba oil and vitamin E oil to soften and moisturize your skin while you rest and unwind. Your Bath Soak works beautifully with pore-opening warm water, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and restored without the need to apply a moisturizer when you step out of the tub.

Get lost in the scents & botanicals of wild Alaska

Close your eyes, inhale the natural aromas, and let your mind wander the lush and ruggedly beautiful landscapes of Alaska’s ancient Rainforest, the tranquil waves of the Pacific ocean, or the warmth and beauty of a flowering mountain meadow. Each Waterbody Bath Soak is created with hand harvested Alaskan botanicals and completely natural scents to bring the restorative elements of Alaska’s wild nature home to you.

Hands scrub Rainforest Bath Salts over a calm rocky creek in Southeast Alaska

Ready, Set, Soak.

Choose your favorite Bath Soak, fill up the tub, and carve out 20 minutes or so to soften your body, calm your mind, and indulge your senses in a restful, recharging soak.

Explore all three of our luscious natural Bath Soaks:

Try the Wildflower Bath Soak for a bright, uplifting aroma and a soft bouquet of real flower petals to nourish your skin and soothe your senses.

Try the Rainforest Bath Soak for a woodsy, grounding aroma and a sprinkling of wild Labrador Tea and Sitka Spruce that calms and restores

Try the Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak for a fresh, invigorating scent and the skin softening benefits of Alaskan bull kelp.

Waterbody rainforest bath salts

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