A Gift Guide For Wild Adventurers

For the explorers, the nature-lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, friends and family with dirt under their fingernails, miles on their boots, and a constant yearning to find themselves out in the wilderness. For all the wild adventurers on your list this year: we’ve put together the perfect guide of gifts to feed their spirit, take care of their body, and inspire their next adventure.

Featuring a items from small businesses, fellow Alaskans, independent artists and writers; you’re sure to find the a special something to treat all the adventurous souls in your life this holiday.


Powers Provisions Insulated MIIR Camp Mug

It’s winter. It’s COLD. And cozy warm beverages are life. MIIR’s insulated mugs have become a favorite beverage accessory of mine; at home, on camping trips, and everywhere in between. Gretchen of Powers Provisions partnered with papercut artist Anna Brones to create the adorable Pacific Northwest adventure girl & pup design on this mug that speaks right to my heart.

These little mugs are AMAZING: they’re lightweight, sturdy, prevent spills, and keep your hot drinks piping hot, and cold drinks frosty cold for a long, long time.

This mug solves the cold-coffee problems of busy mornings when the time between brewing coffee and drinking coffee sprials out of control. This mug will keeps Moscow mules chilled to perfection while managing the grill at a hot summer BBQ. And the mug’s pop-on lid keeps you from spilling your bevvie all over your shirt while you take on life with your drink of choice in hand.

A perfect gift for the coffee/tea/cocktail lovers in your life.


Heather’s Choice Packaroons


Because all adventurers (and humans in general) need snacks to satisfy our cravings and fuel our bodies: Heather’s Choice created a delicious and nutrient-dense treat that fits easily in your pack, pouch, or purse.

Made right here in Alaska and formulated by the nutritionist Heather herself, Packaroons are like tasty cross between a biscuit and a cookie. Heather’s Choice uses healthy, whole ingredients to create a range of Packaroon flavors that satisfy mid-hike mountaintop hunger and 3pm office snack cravings.

A perfect holiday stocking stuffer for the friend that gets after day hikes, snowshoe treks, or any body-moving adventure. My favorite flavor is amaretto!


Sitka Spruce Candle – Alpenglow Candle Co.

Cozy candle season + the scent of a walk in the woods. Alpenglow’s candle collection draws aromatic inspiration from Alaska’s wild natural beauty, and this candle is one of my favorites. Casting a warm gentle glow and smelling like a fresh-cut Christmas tree, the Sitka Spruce candle is a lovely gift for any nature-lover.


She Explores Book – By Gale Straub, host of the She Explores podcast

Part gorgeous coffee table book, part compilation of short stories, Gale Straub’s collection of words and images from women who forge their own path and seek the wild freedom of nature is nothing short of inspiring and moving.

Through the She Explores podcast, website, and this beautiful book, Gale creates a space for women of all walks to share their experience of what it means to be female in the outdoors. The book shares stories of adventurers, hikers, artists, explorers, activists, researchers, and mothers, all with their own unique lens on the empowerment, freedom, and healing found in stepping out into the great unknown.

A perfect gift to stoke the fires of adventure during the cozy winter months.


Ocean Collection Gift Set – Waterbody

Waterbody Ocean Gift Set Collection

For the paddlers, the fishermen, the sea-farers, ocean lovers, and wanna-be mermaids in your life: our curated Ocean Collection Gift Set offers total-body care inspired by and created from the salty air and rocky coastlines of Alaska’s mighty, moody blue Pacific Ocean.

The Mermud Soap, Deep Blue Sea Bath Salts, and Deep Blue Sea Face Mask incorporate wild harvested bull kelp, Pacific sea salts, and marine-derived nutrients to offer a complete self care experience with the scents, textures, and revitalizing essence of a fresh cool ocean breeze.

For the other nature lovers on your list, check out our Forest Collection and Flower Collection Gift Sets too!


Inside Passage Giclée Art Print – By artist Michaela Goade

For your friends who would rather be on a mountaintop gazing dreamily at the world below, gift the stunning watercolor vistas of Michaela Goade’s fine art prints to hang on their walls and inspire adventure all year long.

A lifelong Alaskan and Juneau resident with deep connections to her Alaska native heritage and coastal landscape, Michaela beautifully captures the beauty and mystique of Southeast Alaska’s wild places. Check out all of her work for gifting this year, including her illustrated children’s books for the little adventurers!


Golden Hour Earrings – Wolf & Rove

Inspired by the rolling landscape and handcrafted in gorgeous earthy palettes, Wolf & Rove’s Golden Hour Earrings are a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Meticulously hand-beaded by Alaskan Heidi Helling, these beautiful danglers make a striking statement piece that elevate any outfit and let you take the beauty of the mountains with you wherever you go.


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