Dip Into an End of Summer Foot Soak

Crisp mornings and earlier sunsets are signaling the coming change in seasons. Take time to slow down and savor these last warm days of summer with a rejuvenating foot bath!

When the weather’s still too warm to enjoy a steamy hot full body soak, a restorative foot bath is just the ticket to taking good care of your hardworking summer-sandaled feet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A large bowl, tote, or even a stock pot works well

Hot or cold water – depending on what your tootsies are in the mood for. If you opt for a warm soak, just be sure it’s cooled enough to not burn

A towel

Your favorite bath soak – I love the cooling peppermint and softening kelp of the Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak on my feet

A comfy seat – perhaps a lawn chair outside in the sun to catch summer’s last rays

A woman sits beside the ocean and pours a sea salt bath soak from one palm into another

Shown above: Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak

Fill your bowl, pot, or tote with water, temperature of your choosing. Sprinkle in a handful of your bath soak. Stir around and inhale all the good smells. Set up your sunny lounging spot and dip your feet in the bowl. Sit back, relax, and soak your feet to your heart’s content.

The mineral salts and nourishing oils will soften and soothe your feet as you soak. Towel your feet off when you’re finished, and take a moment to rub out your arches, ankles, and pads of your feet.

Repeat often and feel amazing!

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