A celebration of Alaska's
wild landscape & your body

Our Product

We make body care for the big dreamers, adventurous spirits, wild hearts, and dirt-worshipping nature lovers that want more than a skincare routine – you want a self care experience. Our products transport you to the forest, meadows, and sea as you take tender loving care of your skin and body, create space and ritual to connect to yourself, and live closely with the elements of nature.

Our Home

Waterbody’s line of skincare and body care products are inspired by time spent in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska, and created to share with you the spirit and magic of this place.

This is a landscape shaped and connected by water – shrouding the heavily forested mountainsides in thick mist, blurring the lines between ocean and atmosphere, carving riverbeds and valley bottoms as glaciers retreat, dripping softly through lichen, moss, and muskeg to form streams that spawn salmon and feed whole ecosystems.

Our Honor

This is Lingít Aaní – the ancestral lands of the indigenous Tlingit people. A land rich with culture, life, clean air and water, vast old growth forests, wild plants and animals, and a raw beauty and power unmatched by any place on earth.

Discover Alaska’s Wild Nature

Shop our favorite bath and body care, made with ingredients from the land and sea.

Lush Forest

Evergreen Body Oil

Infinite Sea

Deep Blue Sea Bath Soak

Blooming Meadows

Alpenglow Soap

Soothing and wonderful rose scent

I really enjoy the Wildflower facial oil. I use it both at bedtime and before I put on my daily moisturizer. It never appears greasy even under make up.

Luxurious soap!

What a joy to receive a handmade bar of soap in the mail. The clay in the soap leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft. I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel pampered!

Best product EVER!

I am so happy to say that my skin has not looked this good in YEARS! Struggling with acne has been one of my biggest insecurities for the last couple years, and I am so happy to say that my skin has been so healthy, radiant, glowy, and almost completely free of acne!!!! I could not recommend this product enough, and I can't wait to try more products!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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