A new home for Gathered & Grown!

New year, new intentions, new goals, NEW SPACE! 2020 is off to a hot start at the Gathered and Grown HQ in Wrangell, AK.

If you don’t already know, G&G shares a working shop space and retail storefront with Wrangell’s florist, Mya DeLong (the Florist & the Fisherman). Our shared workspace and shop’s name is Groundswell, and Mya and I own and operate it together. (Read more about our shop's humble beginnings here)

Shop Groundswell, Wrangell, Alaska

In addition to housing and supporting our individual businesses, Groundswell features the work of over 26 artists and makers from Wrangell, Southeast AK, and throughout the state of Alaska. Our storefront is dedicated to cultivating, elevating, and sharing the work of our local creative community and we’re so honored to share original works of art, prints, jewelry, home goods, specialty gourmet foods, and so much more from our friends and neighbors.

Shop Groundswell, Wrangell, AK

At the end of 2019 we were reeeeally feeling the crunch of three growing businesses bursting at the seams of our flagship cozy downtown space, and began searching out other spaces in town that could give us room to grow.

By the end of January we landed on our new home, and dove headfirst into renovations to create the working/making/entertaining/retail space of our dreams, complete with our very own workrooms and more than double the storefront than we had before. Lots and LOTS of dust, serious vacuuming, cleaning, paint, varnish, and two whirlwind weeks of work later, we threw open our doors and welcomed our Wrangell community into the new space.

Shop Groundswell, Wrangell, AKGathered and Grown / Waterbody workspace

The biggest, sweetest-ever cherry on top of our town’s warm reception to Groundswell’s big move, was receiving the award last weekend for 2020 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR (!!!) from Wrangell’s Chamber of Commerce! This recognition is a truly incredible honor and gift from our community, and we are so so so thankful for every single person that walks through our doors, purchases a lip balm, a bouquet, a pair of earrings, a piece of art.

In an age where giant online retailers dominate the shopping scene with overnight shipping and near-instant access to anything you could imagine; choosing to spend your dollars at an independent, locally-owned shop on one of a kind, handmade artisan goods is a truly radical act. It’s a seemingly simple choice with major impacts that ripple out to real people and real organizations in our community.

Wrangell's Business of the Year

To anyone who has ever purchased an item from G&G, from Groundswell, or from any other independent shop or maker: thank you. You are our people, and our reason to keep creating, to keep innovating, to keep putting ourselves out into the world. We love you. I love you. And with our move complete and the new G&G workspace set up, I can’t wait to get back to work bringing you indulgent, experiential body care from this beautiful place we call home!


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